Elkhorn Slough

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The Elkhorn Slough sits on the central California coast about 100 miles south of San Francisco in the middle curve of the Motnerey Bay. Unkown to most toursit, this small embayment is adjacent to a huge underwater chasm- The Monterey Submarine Canyon. This canyon stretches more than 25 miles into the deep Pacific Ocean and more than a mile down from the ocean's surgae. 

Bird Watching - The Elkhorn Slough watershed lies within the Pacific Flyway for migrating birds. Elkhorn Slough and the surrounding areas serve as a year round resting, feeding, and breeding ground to hundreds of different species of birds!

Hiking/Jogging - There is a loop route from the inn that offers pretty views, beach, sand dunes, and marshes. Located across from the wetlands, just before Salinas State River Beach. The Elkhorn Slough also has multiple trails ranging from 1 to 11 miles, for the begginer, intermediate or expert hiker. This reserve is the perfect setting to provide home and shelter to an amazing and abundant variety of flora and fauna. 

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding - Boats and boards are available for rent from either Kayak Connection or Monterey Bay Kayaks, both on the north side of the Moss Landing Harbor.The two main locations to launch your kayak or boat are from Kirby Park, located on Elkhorn Road, and at the Moss Landing Harbor District Launching Ramp, located on Highway 1 north of Moss Landing.  Currently there are no legal landing sites in the slough except at the put-in places listed above. 

Elkhorn Slough Safari - View the wonderful biodiversity of Elkhorn Slough and Moss Landing Harbor up close aboard a 27 foot pontoon boat as a naturalist tells you stories about the history and wildlife of the area. For more information http://elkhornslough.com

Whisper Charters - Enjoy a more private tour of the slough in comfort and style. http://whispercharters.com

Elkhorn Slough Visitor Center - The wilderness reserve includes a visitor center, hiking trails, and docent guided walks.  http://www.elkhornslough.org  Watch the Otter Cam courtesy of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation and Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and their partners