Restaurants near Moss Landing, California

Captain's Inn at Moss Landing is a short distance to some of Moss Landing's most popular restaurants, including such local favorites as Phil's Fish Market and Eatery, Moss Landing Cafe, Whole Enchilada Restaurant. Give us a call if you need suggestions or recommendations. We're happy to answer your questions!
Poke Bar

Poke Bar serves authentic Hawaiian food for pickup or takeout. This casual eatery is the perfect place to enjoy some great food.
Phil's Fish Market & Eatery

Right in the heart of Moss Landing is Phil's fish market a local family business. They have been serving some of the best seafood for 30 years.
Moss Landing Cafe

This cute little cafe is a great place to enjoy some fresh seafood the best part is that you can order for there or for takeout. It is a really cozy mom and pop store.
Whole Enchilada Restaurant

Have lunch or dinner at the Whole Enchilada Restaurant. They serve anything from chimichangas to some seafood. They also have some great desserts to choose from like churros, flan, and creme brulee.
Alfonso's Authentic Mexican Food

Enjoy some great food at this relaxing and friendly environment. They serve Mexican food like enchiladas, chile relleno and more.
Haute Enchilada Café

Open daily for both lunch and dinner visitors can enjoy seafood, local produce, premium wine and craft beer on tap. Enjoy anything from enchiladas to lasagna.
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