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A Brief History of Captain's Inn at Moss Landing

The Captain's Inn at Moss Landing is comprised of three buildings, with two of the buildings available to our guests. There are a total of 10 guestrooms each with a different theme and decor. The beautiful historical building and the boathouse are landscaped to enhance the serene atmosphere. Guest room amenities make your stay a pleasant experience. Here's a brief history of our property, and how it became the Captain's Inn at Moss Landing.

The Early Years

This property has had many well known names associated with it throughout the years. The Castro family received the property in a land grant. Later in 1886, the property passed through the hands of Charles Moss, the town's namesake, and Donald Beadle (both in shipping). The property was then sold to the Pacific Coast Steamship Company in 1881. The company built the current two-story Historic House in 1906,  just after the San Francisco earthquake.

The Historic House was originally an office building with six individual offices and a parlor. In later years, one office became a kitchen. A dining and laundry nook was added, and bathrooms were put in place. The simple colonial revival style is in the vernacular pyramid cottage style that was common in "company towns" at the turn of the century. The porch front is simple Tuscan order. The two downstairs front windows are Queen Anne cottage style. The simple fireplaces include bricks made by Santa Fe masonry that were salvaged from buildings damaged during the 1906 earthquake.

Later Years to Today

In 1917 the Pacific Coast Steamship Company was sold to the Pacific Steamship Company. From there,  the house was sold to the Capurro family who used it as a private residence through the mid-1900s.

In the 1950s, the York family founded Moss Landing Harbor Chapel and regularly held services here until moving to their current site in the mid-1970s. In more recent years, the house has been home to many Moss Landing Marine Laboratory students.

The current inn opened in March of 2003 after the house was fully renovated. The renovation received a historic preservation award from the Moss Landing Chamber of Commerce and Monterey County.

During the renovation, a boathouse with guestrooms was added to the back of the property. This building has 6 unique rooms and spectacular views of the wetlands and wildlife.

We are always searching for historic photographs and stories of the property and building. Please contact us if you have photographs or leads on where to find them.
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